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Saturday, 16 July 2011

some bad news and a wet walk

Had some bad news yesterday, a possible new solicitor for my friend in Leeds has said he is unable to take on her case. I don't yet know the reason why, is he too busy, quite likely as he works for a Law Centre, or does he think her case is hopeless? The country she comes from is supposed to have charities that could help her, but there is little evidence that this is so. She is away for the weekend with a local self help group, I must speak to her when she gets back.

Was on voluntary ranger duty today at Hutton le Hole, had a very wet walk round the village; woods, moors and field edges, only 2 other people walking! The sheep looked very miserable. I am glad I do the VR tasks, even when it is wet I get out into lovely places and the people I do meet, except a few thoughtless dog owners (a minority), are always pleased to see me! Why do this minority of dog owners think that their dogs, uniquely, will not disturb nesting birds or frighten sheep? Even when I warned one couple a few weeks ago about the risk of adders I was told that their dog was friendly and I shouldn't worry!!!!!!!!!!Adder

You may often see adders in spring when they bask in the sunshine on paths and walls. At this time of year they are sluggish and less able to move out of the way of people and dogs quickly. It is advisable to wear stout footwear and long socks or trousers and keep your dog from investigating basking adders. In the unlikely event of being bitten, it is wise to seek medical advice as adder bites can be quite serious. If a dog is bitten, it should be picked up and taken to a vet.