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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

a day in the bracken

Back from Granny duty last night; the older one's 2nd birthday, a bit of nostalgia looking back over 2 years, thinking that this time 2 years forward he will be getting ready for 'big'school!

Spend an exhausting but satisfying day pulling Himalayan balsam out of first a bracken and gorse covered hillside, then out of what is Ravenscar's answer to wet jungle. The wild beasts were the maddening insects. However, looking back at where the bright pink was no more we all felt a task well done.

Left. In the jungle, another invasive plant about to bite the dust, caught before it seeds.

 Right. Himalayan balsam hung out to dry on the gorse bushes, for once the bracken is useful as it seems to be smothering some of the HB.    

Today we have been dependent on staff from both the National Park and the National Trust, a partnership of a statutory body, a charity and the volunteers. None of us would be of much use without the others.