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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

much of the same

One Saturday I am off to Helmsley for a first aid course, it is just a short one to renew my certificate, I am supposed to have one as a Voluntary Ranger,, I actually manage to do the chest compressions fast enough. The course leader seems to live in an unreal world though, just a few days ago the news was about waits for ambulances, but she seems to think one would arrive in minutes, when ever or where ever we called them. Heh hoh!

Monday morning is my food bank run, from one of the main collection points to the 'warehouse'; I gather that one of the shortages is of toilet paper. I have a supermarket voucher that will offer me cheaper petrol if I spend so much on paper goods, so I make a note to buy extra for the food bank and get cheaper petrol Have a chat about how this in my only voluntary activity that I wish didn't exist.

That evening I speak to an anti-fracking motion that I have asked my local Town Council to debate, I am delighted that it is passed unanimously., thank you to the Town councillors. We should be looking to use less carbon fuels not more, reducing the need for power and generating far more from renewables.

this is not a hedge, it's the
stuff we've cut back

'sweeping' up the gorse
with a gorse broom

Coasties has been out and about, cutting back a totally overgrown path in the north of the Park and then helping the National Trust cut back and move a mountain of gorse.

Over in Leeds I take my new 'befriendee' to a drop in with Manuel Bravo, to see if they can help her find a solicitor for her new asylum claim. They listen carefully and agree that they can! I ring the befriending manager at LASSN, with the good news and race to the bus station to get my bus home.

One evening we go to a meeting locally about our local library becoming a 'community' library, they pretend this is a good idea, no it's not, it's about pretending that essential local services can be run by volunteers. I refuse to take part, it is applying a small sticking plaster to the unnecessary and appalling cuts to public services, a blood transfusion is needed. People need to see the effect of the cuts to public services, not let them be propped up this way. I am even more shocked that a service that is often used by vulnerable people will be staffed by people who will not have had any sort of back ground check.

On a more cheerful note here is a picture of a still snowy landscape on a very sunny day near Stape. Even this peaceful rural scene has been spoiled over the last few days by a motor bike roaring across the woodland, the tyre tracks are still plain to see.