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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

what happened to April and May?

So what did happen to April and May, first we went away for two weeks. Then there was the General Election, I delivered leaflets for my local Green candidate and for a few, carefully selected Lib Dem local candidates in another town and for one LD parliamentary candidate in another place entirely. Then the aftermath, plunged into gloom about continuing austerity, always hitting the poorest hardest and now almost only them, Human Rights and Europe and of course renewable energy (or not, under the current regime).

Now the sun is out, the garden needs attention and the lovely long northern evenings weigh against spending the time on my computer.

However life in my small society has continued.

the front group coming
up the hill
the Alzheimer's van
I had a most successful two days during the Tour de Yorkshire. First at Sledgate, or Cote de Robin Hood's Bay, with the National Park, and here is one to prove it. As well as the National Park presence the local Alzheimer's society were raising awareness with this pink decorated van,

If you're wondering about the
horse, well horse racing is
a big part of the local economy
The next day our local Fairtrade group,, had a stall in Norton library, we sold lots of cycling related items, like bike earrings and pin badges. The library and our stall were especially decorated for the day. The knitted jumpers were from the local knit and natter group, thanks to them for lending us some of their art work.

The Fairtrade group also had a stall at the Folk Festival and at St Michael's Church (many thanks) during the Food Lovers' Festival. Flying the flag for Fairtrade food as often as we can.

the dreaded stuff!
Coasties, also North York Moors, has had its usual variety of tasks and weather. Cutting back, clearing thickets to reveal a long lost path, cleaning wooden framed steps (quite easy) and stone pitching (not at all easy). One day we were clearing a way through almost impenetrable gorse so that local researchers could try out a new treatment to try to weaken the invasive Himalayan Balsam.
And then, out for a walk, one lovely late afternoon, a sign I had been waiting for, on the right, at the new length of the Cleveland Way through the alum works at Ravenscar. On the left you can see part of the 'project'., and
Thanks to the Park staff who organised and erected this sign, and one the other end of the new section.

Meanwhile over in Leeds my new role as a Trustee of LASSN,, has proved to be busy and sad. Because funds are now less than they were we have had to make two members of staff redundant. I have been involved in helping to transfer their work to other members of staff and to volunteers. Some services have had to be closed down, hopefully only temporarily. Such essential work, helping some very vulnerable people in our society. Volunteers will only be able to keep things ticking over, no new people can be helped, once again it shows how some paid staff are essential for any charity or community organisation.  I have also been visiting my two 'befriendees', chatting, making phone calls and simply being a friend.

Sadly too the need for a Food Bank continues in Ryedale (friends in the big cities cannot believe it, nor can I), the sooner they can all close through lack of need, the better. I have taken donated food to the local warehouse and then required food to the distribution, and once again, you can't just walk in and pick up a bag of goodies, you HAVE to be referred by a specific agency.

Finally, just to show that my demonstrating days are not over, here is a picture of people outside
Yarlswood detention centre, Bedfordshire, showing solidarity for the detainees and asking that this appalling place be closed down., you can find out more here or just google Yarlswood.

OK, signing off, and I will try to post in July, but no promises.