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Thursday, 28 July 2011

another lunch in Leeds

Off to Leeds again to meet my friend; my other friend, the one I gad with, has gadded off to Flamingoland with her granddaughter. We buy plantain for lunch, I'm a bit worried as I really don't like banana, but fried plantain is nothing like banana and is delicious, we have it with omlette and another dish whose name I foolishly don't write down. Once again I eat too much, but at least my friend has a good meal, she tells me she really only eats when she has someone to eat with. Luckily a volunteer from another group is coming round this evening. I offer to help with the food preparation, but no she would do it for her mother, so she will do it for me; I am very moved as I know her mother is dead, we joke sometimes that I am her aunty, but this is different.

We look at more photos of my grandson, she is very concerned about the broken leg, I tell her that he is now so active on it that we have almost forgotten it!

She is finding the break from college difficult, too much time to think; so I am delighted to hear that she is going on a course about craft work for 2 weeks. If only she were allowed to work, she could make a contribution to society through taxes and feel so much better as well. Oh well, when the revolution comes, as we used to say when I was a student!