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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

no referrals again and a lot of organising

A second week of no referrals, next week I am not doing short stop, but if there are none the following week I will ask round the other coordinators to see what they think.

I have used the time productively, well I think so anyway. Tidied the garden, lots of stuff flopping over because of the heavy rain, it makes a change from the drought earlier in the year. Done some ironing (boring I know). Mostly did not listen to the wretched Murdochs on TV, my blood pressure is quite good, let's keep it that way! Made some berry/currant crumbles to use up last year's crop as we have a bumper crop this year. Yum yum, luck us.

at the beach
Rang my asylum seeking friend in Leeds, despite the rain she had a good weekend away, so I am going to see her on Thursday. She borrowed a camera and I have my photos from the beach hut, so we can look at each others' pictures and hopefully have a laugh together. One of the nuns from her church is very kind and lends her a camera to record the happy times. I will miss some bracken bashing on the Moors on Thursday, but I think the visit is more important, hopefully enough other people will rescue the young trees from the bracken. This is another dilemma in my small society, we can't be in two places at once!

Rearranged which day to go surveying Himalayan Balsam near Helmsley, it is a very invasive species, which is stifling biodiversity wherever it grows; we will survey where it is worse, then the National Park will decide how to try to get rid of it. It is ironic that many invasive plant species (incomers) can completely wipe out local indigenous plants, whereas contrary to tabloid scare stories human incomers to these shores do not do so. People are obviously more sensitive to others' feelings than plants are! OK so this is very simplistic, but sometimes that is best.
common ragwort

  Due to its vigorous growth, Himalayan Balsam soon dominates and suffocates all other plants within its vicinity. On river banks this can cause major problems of erosion.