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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

a short stop day and other stuff

Short Stop today, will be in, so have arranged for the digital TV to be delivered  (we have moved into 21st century) and some window measuring men to come. We also have people for a meal this evening, so I can bake (yes it's true) and prepare vegetables at the same time.

Two referrals almost immediately, the Refugee Council are effectively closed on a Wednesday so please can I try to sort out the guests for two nights. Quite quickly I find places for both of them for both nights, mainly because two lovely couples will take them for two and in one case, three nights. I worry that I might put too much pressure on, I always try not to, but all our hosts are such accommodating people that it would be very easy to pressurise them. One potential host can't as she has a family crisis, but we still have a chat about this and that.

In between, the frangipane is in and out of the oven (our own red currants), courgettes and sweet potatoes prepared. One of our guests doesn't do marrows, one of the courgettes has been a bit too long in the garden, is it a marrow? I decide not. My husband comes in with the runner beans.

I weed, for the umpteenth time this week under the dovecote, next year I have plans to pave this area. I am muddy up to my wrists when I get another referral, this time from the Crypt. Luckily one of my earlier calls has resulted in a host being available without a guest, she is still available, but please not till 8.30 as she is going away tomorrow! I check that it really is OK for her to host, of course she says.

An email from another charity in Leeds which helps my friend, they have found her a solicitor in Rotheram, yes Rotheram. If no one else can I will go with her next Tuesday, but then some one else will have to do short Stop. All these ramifications from the closure of IAS. If I do go I will blog on our visit next week, this is going to be so difficult for her, reliving the horrors all over again.

LASSN would like me to blog for them on their blog, I say  I can't as it would be too much pressure to feel I had to do a blog regularly, but  am flattered and delighted that they will link this blog to theirs.

Sorry to all my readers, (is that what you are?) this is a bit scrambled, but I wanted to do it before the food and the wine got going!