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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

a good sort of cuts!

Today I realised that there are cuts and there are cuts and today was the good sort.

A bridleway to clear, barely room for a person, let alone a horse. The rain cleared quickly, then a bit of sun and so we cut and cut and cut. Gorse, willow, bramble, some larch where they really were blocking the way. Some especially huge gorse which needed sawing, all mixed up with brambles. Then suddenly a great view where a group of willows had been felled, over towards Saltergate where I had been on Sunday, some purple heather glowing in the sunshine with greenery around. One of the Rangers pointed out some primrose leaves, now exposed where we had cut back, the extra light will help them to spread next spring.

A most satisfying day, lots of light hearted chat, nothing serious, just what I need after a Short Stop day, that is satisfying too, but stressful as well. Coasties just tires me out!