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Thursday, 18 August 2011

coasties and then an old caravan

Near the Mallyan Spout Hotel in Goathland is a very steep flight of steps, every year the rain washes away the stone in the steps and every year we replace it, last year it was on one of the hottest days of the year, this year it was sunny but cooler.

However, this year was to be different, a new plan that might (we can hope) prove more permanent. Sections of drain were dug, one with Herculean efforts at moving a very large stone. The steps were filled not just with small stones, but also larger pieces of local sandstone, see pictures below for steps and one of the new drainage channels.

Being of an unimaginative mind when it comes to engineering I laboured long and hard carrying the large and small stone down the steps to where it was needed; there it was carefully laid after further digging out of the steps. Along the side of the steps a sort of rockery was built and then covered with turf in the hope that the whole might bind together.

A most satisfying day, we all hope NOT to have to return next summer!
blocks of sandstone laid against the step board

part of the longest flight of steps almost finished

a newly dug drain and some of the blocks of sandstone waiting for a home

Today was one of the Park's information unit, to be found in an old caravan in the car park at Robin Hood's Bay; however the quality of the staff (myself and another voluntary ranger), the quality of the information (ours) and the quality of the leaflets and brochures is of such a high standard that the surroundings matter little.

Nearly 100 visitors came in, browsed amongst the publications, asked about local walks and cycling opportunities and chatted about the fossil display and where they could find some themselves. Fortunately my colleague is something of a fossil expert and could really help them, I would have had to bluff a little. We each had a stroll down to the beach and an ice cream as a treat. The sun came out and we sat outside for a while, admiring the view of the cliffs, sea and in the distance some purple heather.

Another satisfying day, a place I love and am proud to be able to help other people enjoy.