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Monday, 1 August 2011

3 referrals, a good MOT and no Coasties

A busy referral day, 3, all in the space of an hour. All are eventually placed, but with a few regular hosts away I was getting a bit worried. It's the first time I've done Short Stop during Ramadan and with sunset still quite late it's a long day, but the relevant hosts are OK with a late night snack for their guest to break their fast. While I wait for more calls, there are none, I do some gardening and chat to neighbours.

Yippee, my car passes its MOT with no need for any work! I don't need it for LASSN, but I do for my volunteering with the Park. However, Coasties is as far away as it can be tomorrow, I also have family reasons tugging me to stay at home, so I email my absence and apologies. Easy for a volunteer to do, especially as I am not letting an individual down, if it was paid work I would have gone. I like to think the group will miss me, but that is vanity, none of us is indispensable.