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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


A short stop day and very busy, 3 by 2pm, placed them all after loads of phone calls, it's the holidays and people are away or have visitors. Then late afternoon 3 more, I knew I would have to say no as I had exhausted the list, but one organisation, with 2 of them, did say they had other places of their own still to ring, so here's hoping.

I also failed to get the cooker cleaned, although I did tax the car and made a damson streusel. On the plus side I arranged to meet a good friend for lunch on Friday, she is off to Palestine soon, so we will have lots to talk about.

Will ring my friend this evening and see how the meeting with the solicitor went.

It's also grey and windy. Never mind, 2 weeks today and I will be on the train on the way to Cologne and the night sleeper to Vienna, then Bratislava and the High Tatras.

Must get myself into a 'count your blessings' mode.