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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

indoors and outdoors

Yesterday I did my day as co-ordinator for the emergency short stay accomodation organised by LASSN for homeless asylum seekers in Leeds. 2 young women needed somewhere for the night and after just a few phone calls 2 lovely people said of course. It still moves me so much that people will take a stranger into their homes, give them a meal and a bed for the night. Last week an MP's assistant rang me, I could not resist pointing out the effect the cuts were having on charities that exist to help the person sat opposite him in his office. After all even charities have to pay their bills, even if their staff live on air! I will admit I did not spend all day indoors, my garden beckoned.

The board walk with its new nonslip strips.
Today was Coasties and was all outdoors, cutting back the foliage in lush woodland on a path which is the last day of the Coast to Coast walk. When I did the C2C last year this section was very wet, today only damp in places. As well as cutting back to keep the path clear a slippery board walk was made safer, see the picture left. Many thanks from long distance walkers and families enjoying the woods in half term. Most people are amazed that we do this as a voluntary activity; we learned recently that 25% of path maintainance in the North York Moors National Park is done by volunteers. Nuff said.