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Friday, 17 June 2011

extra extra

Went to Leeds yesterday to meet my friend. She has got me a ticket for the awards ceremony at her college, I am so pleased she wants me to go, sometimes I tell her I am like an aunty to her, so at least we can pretend she will have family there. We both hope that she has done well in her latest assignment. She went to meet a possible new solicitor earlier in the week, fingers crossed this firm will take her on for a new asylum application. Her country is supposed to be safe; huh, when my daughter went there for a week for work her organisation sent her on a personal survival course!

Today a training course on surveying for Himalayan Balsam in the National Park, a pretty, but very invasive species of flower, that as well as preventing a variety of other plants from surviving could lead to flood damage. In the next couple of weeks I will be surveying a length of river with a view to it being removed. It is smothering the river bank where I live, but this section is not in the National Park, so other people need to sort it out. At least if we can help get it removed upstream it might be a start. Volunteers will survey and pull it out if there is just a little, but paid contractors will be required if there is lots. We have our limitations.