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Thursday, 30 June 2011

an award ceremony, a rather noisy day and a day of friends

I went to my friend's award ceremony in Leeds on Tuesday, I was so proud of her, she has finished the course and now achieved her award, it was lovely to join her and her class mates, laughing, hugging and lots of photos. I know how difficult she has found it at times, yet despite illness and sadness she has kept going. It is a pity that some newspapers cannot see how hard asylum seekers, and she was not the only one there, work, so that they can make themselves useful citizens, if only they were allowed to stay. We can hope.

Yesterday at Coasties we were clearing a track by a beautiful wild flower meadow near Ravenscar; unfortunately 2 colleagues needed to use a strimmer, I know it's quicker, but selfishly I like our usual peace and quiet. Hah some will say, only so you can chat more as you work, maybe!

Back to Leeds to meet my friend and my fellow 'gadder'. Also phone calls to my 'manager' in LASSN, the paid person who supports and advises me, without her and her colleagues I and the other volunteers could not be as useful as I hope we are. My friend and I have a long chat, I tell her how my mother had dementia for several years before she died, but now I remember the good times we had and she will one day do the same about her family. She tells me she will try, and recounts a childhood misdemeanor which has us both in stitches.