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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

back to the volunteering

A quiet Short Stop day yesterday, just one referral, just as well as I had a dreadful cough which doesn't do much for my friendly phone manner! A lovely couple say they will be out til late but if I am desperate........ then I find some one who can take him in the early evening. I am still worrying about the two pregnant women from last week, how dreadful, in a strange country, to have no where settled to bring your baby home to; you would only do that if things at home were so bad that this was the only alternative.

Against my better judgement, having coughed all night, I go to Coasties. However although it is hot and muggy how glad that I did. Clearing steps, ready for their repair, above the  shining sea, makes me feel so much better and I don't cough at all. Masses of walkers, all pleased with our handiwork, makes us all feel satisfied and may be a little smug? Look how good we are!

The cleared steps contrast with the overgrown ones.