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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Socrates put it well, over 2000 years ago

"a community starts to be formed when individuals find that they aren't self sufficient" hmm very true even today.

Well it's been a busy week, last Sunday was the AGM for the National Park's voluntary rangers, a chance for us all to get together and compare notes, quite useful, but may be more time to mill around and chat? Some one from the Forestry Commission assured us that after clear felling all footpaths are restored, some of us felt that it can take a very long time for this to happen, meanwhile the Coasties may have done it for them!

Tuesday was a very quiet Short Stop,, although rather worryingly one was a young woman who had spent the previous night on the street. Luckily the generous family who took her in were able to say she could go straight round, rather than as usual after 6pm, when the hosts get home from work. Two hosts rang back in response to my messages, to say they were free if required, if you're reading this, many thanks.

Wednesday was Coasties, misty and rather cold, we were making good a footpath after some clear felling, but not, I think, a Forestry Commission area, same principle though, if you make a mess clear it up!!! However over lunch we agreed that we probably made a much better job of it. As the physically weakest in the group, I only do one day a week on this sort of work, the others far more (well that's my excuse), my task was to clear that horrible trip hazard, self rooting bramble. So I pottered along behind, pulling and lopping as the bramble was uncovered from the mess of branches that had covered it. A necessary, but back aching task. Later we cut back the ubiquitous blackthorn, all agreeing that we had felt withdrawal symptons, as it is several weeks since we last cut back the prickly menace.

Thursday was the stress of reporting to the UKBA in Leeds, we had thought the last for a while, but no, the man last month had got it wrong, so hopes raised, only to be dashed again. My friend was very low, even my tales of my grandsons only raised a weak laugh. I promised her I would come over to Leeds again soon, and she promised me that she would keep on eating and going to college, her life line. I was reminded of my pupils in east London and how much education was appreciated by those whose parents had had none themselves.

Friday, and photos at last, I was on duty at the Mobile Display Unit at Farndale, the scene of the wild daffodils, the National  Park, see above, and Natural England are responsible for information and protection of this beautiful area. The MDU is staffed by voluntary rangers, who give out information, and wander along the valley to check that all is well, gates closed, daffodils not tramped on and dogs under control. The valley is all is private ownership so we encourage people to keep legal by staying on the footpath. Yesterday all the visitors were doing just that, even though some were a little disappointed that only a few of the daffodils were out.
the MDU, it can get a bit draughty
the sign that reinforces the message,
we hope!

and now a pretty picture

Only a few so far, but in about a fortnight the valley should be full of daffodils, so with apologies to Yeats, tread softly.