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Monday, 19 March 2012

not everyone granted asylum here can be a brilliant football player

Everyone, including me, is wishing Fabrice Muamba all the best. However I wonder which of the tabloid newspapers in particular have noticed that his father was an asylum seeker many years ago, had he not been granted permission to remain then the young Fabrice could not have settled here and represented his new country at football.

Many other asylum seekers, like my friend, may not have his skills, but they have other skills, which, even at a time of high unemployment, are often still at a shortage in many parts of this country.

I hope now that some people will not be so quick to pass unkind and inaccurate comments on those whose own country is no longer safe for them to live in, indeed where their very lives are at risk, and who seek a safer life here. Most of them have skills and talents which they are willing to share with us to the benefit of us all.