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Monday, 26 March 2012


Saturday I did a patrol as a voluntary ranger with the National Park around parts of the parish of Staintondale, the weather was amazing, I had discarded the thermal socks and got out the summer ones, just as well. I checked a bridleway, some signs need replacing, and then a couple of footpaths, before my favourite bit, along the Cleveland Way and then back along the old railway. Here is the nostalgic bit, see the photo below, it's what the station at Ravenscar looks like now, when I was a child my uncle was the assistant station master here (yes there was a station master too!)and on one memorable occasion I was allowed to hand the loop to the driver. When we travelled on the hill railways in India the very same system is still in operation.
looking down from
the Cleveland Way

the station now, it closed
in 1965

I am now off for a week, family here and then away, as I've said before that's what volunteers do, go off; that's why essential public services CAN'T be run by volunteers. I've done the paid work thing, then I didn't just push off, now I do!