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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

putting faces to the voices and an award for the blog!

Last week was a meal in Leeds, where I was able to meet several of the hosts, people I phone up to ask if they will put vulnerable asylum seekers up for a night. It was good to be able to put faces to the names and to explain why I sometimes might seem a little abrupt, it's because I'm running out of 'free' minutes on my phone and nothing to do with them! So yesterday when I was co-ordinating Short Stop I knew at least one of the names on the list I was phoning, maybe more next week. Thanks to Lassn for organising the meal.

Today is Coasties, Ravenscar with the National Trust, and several different jobs; moving piles of previously cut gorse, broom and bramble from a small quarry area to somewhere it can be burned later in the year, clearing out a very clogged up ditch, but satisfaction when the water starts to flow (I confess I was not involved with this job) and cutting back the ever present blackthorn. The mud and blackthorn also has to be moved, a heavy and difficult task! Whilst we work one of the Coasties 'admits' he will be 60 later in the year, those of us who already have our bus passes tell him of the extra treats, like cheap fish and chips in many cafes, that we already benefit from.

I have forgotten my camera, but never mind, I get an 'award' for my blog and here are pics of my 'prizes' a lovely certificate and a set of quill pens for when my internet connection is down. One of the quills has a new fangled biro in the end, the others will need some real ink!
the new addition to
my stationery
the Coasties award

At the end of the afternoon we all decide that we have increased our heart rates by more than enough going by the new guidelines on keeping fit, published recently. So thanks to the North York Moors national Park for keeping us in good health, and mostly in good spirits.

Free keep fit and a (small) mileage allowance too!