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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

multi friends then multi tasking

Off on the bus to Leeds yesterday to see both my friends. There were several of us at my asylum seeking friend's flat, she was giving some of us who support her in many ways a lovely lunch, jolof rice, spicey potatoes, samosas and beans in a sort of batter. We ate and chatted and caught up and then ate some more, so busy that we never got round to my latest photos! Eventually we all had to go our various ways, my friend insisted that we took food home with us to share with family members. My husband had his for lunch today and was delighted that there had been enough for him. What ever our circumstance and our backgrounds food remains one of the ways we all say thank you and join together in friendship. Colleagues at LASSN, SOLACE and the Poppy project will be sorry they missed the, ,  

Off I went into the city centre to meet my gadding friend, we only gadded our way to a cafe and a hot drink today, but she had much to tell me about a wonderful wedding and then a baptism. I told her about my lunch and we agreed that if only all volunteering was so easy; she also does her bit in many ways for the small society.

Today was Short Stop, nothing at all until after 3pm, I tidied up in the garden, the last of the summer bedding had finally succumbed to the frost and snow. I dusted! and redid the freezer inventory. I even sorted out some family photos.Then two referrals on top of each other, both couples, very unusual for me, I usually get single men referred. As usual several calls to voicemail, if I was desperate some one could have them, but not until 8.30 this evening. Then again as usual I struck gold, two people in succession could have them. I rang back and gave the details to the agencies, The Refugee Council and St George's Crypt, . Signed off and sent the details into LASSN. Next week I may meet some of these lovely people, another sharing of food in a restaurant in Leeds city centre, to meet, share experiences and exchange ideas. Excellent.