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Sunday, 19 February 2012

off again after a stressful Thursday and success today

Well Thursday was another reporting day for my friend in Leeds. I posted about this on December 23rd and this time was even worse, after the checking in we were told that her new case worker wanted to see her, just routine, he said. Well may be for him, but this was a new part of the routine for us and not an easy one for my friend, convinced that it was not routine at all. After a difficult twenty minutes? it seemed more like twenty hours, we were out and on the bus back to her flat. We looked at my latest photos and she smiled a little at my grandsons' antics. She assured me that she would bury herself in work at the college library and also prepare for her placement next week, she agrees that as long as she is busy she doesn't worry so much. Thank you to Lassn for ensuring that someone goes with my friend to the reporting centre.

Today was a walk in the National Park where last April I had had to report a very dangerous stile, now it has been replaced with a splendid kissing gate, a great sense of satisfaction all round. My reporting as a volunteer, and work done by the Park's staff to make the footpath safer and easier for all to use, a good combination I think.

last April, a dangerous stile
and below the new kissing gate

Tomorrow I am off on Granny duties again, back at the end of the week for the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight, and then a patrol as a voluntary ranger up on the moors above Rosedale.   
Is there a moral to this post? Maybe for volunteers that the bad stuff can be born more easily when there is good stuff too.                      

Watch out for a further post in a week's time.