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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Saturday in the warm, Sunday out in the mist

Late on Friday I returned from my short holiday and plunged straight back into my small society. 

But first a tale from north Norway; a young guide in telling us about his country, says how  settled asylum seekers are welcomed with lessons in Norwegian, a job and somewhere to live. He obviously approves of this and has no hesitation in telling a coach full of (mostly) British people how it is here in Norway. How refreshing and sadly unlikely to happen here, even if a guide like him felt the same way, would they say so?

So on Saturday I help a friend with her Fairtrade stall in her village hall, it is a regular monthly event in Huttons Ambo, there are also children's activities, a book swap as well as hot drinks and wonderful cakes. Every body seems to know every one else, even I see some old friends and a lovely sociable afternoon passes very quickly, we even make quite a lot of money! And Father Christmas arrives. As usual all the produce from Fairer World

So, please keep your dog on a lead
Today I was in the mist and the mud on the southern edge of the North York Moors, doing my last Voluntary Ranger patrol of the year. There was no open moorland, but a lovely mixture of field edges, woodland and the ever present river Seven, seen here from a most welcome bridge, I really didn't fancy the ford just downstream!

the river Seven, December mist

At the entrance to a nearby meadow, where people are able to wander down to the river's edge, even though it is not a public right of way, there was a terrible warning about what can go wrong.

I squelched back through leaf mould and deep mud, grateful for my new super wellington boots, warm and waterproof.

I am glad I do a variety of different activities for my small society; I enjoyed the solitude of today's winter ranger patrol,  but the warmth and friendliness in the village hall gave a lovely balance to the weekend back at home.