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Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Small Society stays indoors

Coasties was cancelled this week, too much chance of being stuck in the snow on the high brow above Burniston, so the only fresh air I've had is walking to the shops and the bus stop, but I've done quite a bit of that.
the Victorian fair at West
Heslerton School. Our young
assistant helps us work out
the change.

Both last Friday and this Friday I had Fairtrade stalls,, last week at the local council offices and this week at West Heslerton Primary school,, in both places we get a warm welcome and lots of enthusiastic buyers.
goodies at the Council canteen

The school children almost clear us out of nodding animals and jelly beans. Their parents buy tree baubles and paper chains. All Fairly Traded and all from Fairer World in York.

Monday and Tuesday were LASSN days, Monday I caught the bus to Leeds, and then my friend and I walked down to pick up another of her friend's daughters from the local family centre, it was bitterly cold, so together we sorted out her hat, scarf and gloves. I have now met her several times, so I am allowed to help her with her gloves, whilst my friend sorts out her hat. Then I caught the bus into Leeds to meet my gadding friend and so home. Probably nearly £20 of bus fares for nothing with my bus pass, it is a greener way to travel, otherwise I would have taken my car, but can I afford my own travel, some of the time, yes. It also saves Lassn from a travel claim; all volunteers should claim their expenses, otherwise volunteering becomes the prerogative of the rich, you can always donate it back.

On the way home I stop off in York and spend my heating allowance (see 24th November) in Fairer World, they will deliver it to the local food bank for me. Although this is a sort of win win, more fairly traded food helping local York people; it still seems to me to be deeply shocking that one of the richest countries in the world is reducing its citizens to food banks. And remember people can't just go in and take what they want, they have to be referred by their social worker or similar person.

Tuesday was a stressful Short Stop, the first person placed very quickly, then two more homeless asylum seekers and every call going to voicemail. Well into the afternoon I tried a few people again, the most wonderful couple agreed to take them both; then I had a call back from one of the voicemails, would the guest mind a crying baby? we agreed that anything would be better than the freezing streets. So back to the other couple,now just one guest and the other one taking his chances with the baby!

My Small Society is doing what it's done before and taking a few days off to go away on holiday, no good depending on me, or other volunteers, for essential services, that what we should be paying people to do.