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Monday, 5 November 2012

back to normal, if only I knew what that was!

A busy, busy week, LASSN, the National Park and a proper Fairtrade shop in Malton.

Tuesday and Thursday were LASSN,, now the new link works, I've tested it! Grace project first, two very young people, one of 18, the other 19; I can only imagine what drives young people from the only home and family (if they have one) they've known to a strange country, where they are homeless and penniless. I find places for them to stay after several phone calls, it is half term and lots of people away, one lucky family are walking in sunshine in the Brecon Beacons.

Wednesday, despite the forecast, is dry, but very windy all day. Coasties, are at the Alum works in Ravenscar, we are continuing work on the Cleveland Way alternative, which should open next spring and give direct access to the old Alum works. This is the best link I can find. Today we are clearing tons and tons of stone from collapsed sections of the Alum works and their associated buildings (housing for the workers, a pigsty etc.). Many years ago they were dumped where the new path is going to go, so now they have to be moved again! Some are fairly small, they go in wheel barrows, some are huge and have to be moved in a very small caterpillar wheeled truck.

we did these by lunch time
I wonder what this was, part of a water trough?

By about 2 o'clock we have run out of space to move the stones to. Many of us have also run out of energy, so we down tools an hour earlier than usual and pile into the mini bus back up the hill. We debate the merits of a hot shower versus a bath to iron away the aches, I go for the shower, on power mode.

thank you to the Friends , Malton
Thursday evening several of us work until after 11pm to set up the two day branch of Fairer World in the Friends Meeting House in Malton. All the goods are Fairly Traded, giving a social premium to the communities producing the goods, as well as a fair price for the things we are selling.

The shop is an annual event, the first Friday and Saturday on November. Both mornings two of us tie green arrows advertising the shop round various lamposts in the town centre, but most people come by word of mouth and because they know we will be there. There is a steady flow of people all day, buying cards and presents for Christmas, as well as stocking up on the usual tea, coffee, and chocolate, as well dried fruit and sugar for baking.(Thank you TV shows).
Craft items, it's not just food you see; you can
 buy these at Fairer World in Gillygate, York.

We seem to do as well as most years, there is certainly less to pack up on Saturday evening. I have two more small stalls before the end of the year. One at the local council offices and another in a village primary school. All good news to those producers in developing countries, trade not aid is what they want.

Watch this space.

Sunday I was yomping along the Cleveland Way, but more of that next time.