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Saturday, 3 November 2012

a political one off - back to normal tomorrow!

first time I've spoilt a ballot paper, but I've always voted and this time this was the only option


  1. A lot of sense in what you say. Please keep making planty of noise! It is just another layer of beurocracy - which has become very politicised, judging from my Humberside list of candidates which has people with Party alegiences plus ex-policemen making up nearly all the numbers. I believe that Scotland has moved in exactly the opposite direction and is forming a unitary top level of policing which one would expect to foster nationwide co-operation between what are todays regional forces, which can only be good for information-sharing and better policiing overall.

  2. Hi there Janice, I'm Julia Mulligan, I thought I'd just say hello and although you've already voted, wanted to try and reassure you about my background and views. As your PCC I would not be subject to the party whip, every statement in my manifesto is local and I've raised all my money for my campaign in Yorkshire, including my deposit. If elected I'd be a public servant - swearing an oath of impartiality and scrutinised by a cross-party panel with independent members. What's more, in addition to being involved in local politics like you, I've over 25 years business experience and have worked extensively with the public sector and charities (as well as volunteered) - in fact I was in Norton last week meeting with Next Steps as I've an interest in mental health issues. I would have loved to been able to have a discussion with you about this. I'd also be interested to know of any local concerns you have in Malton. It's also a great shame that there isn't more choice of candidates in our area.

  3. thank you, but at the end of the day you are a member of the Conservative party, see my link in the guardian northerner, Your values are too different from mine for me ever to be able to vote for a member of the Conservative party. I disagree with the whole concept of PCCs and it is your party which has forced them upon us.