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Friday, 13 July 2012

a task completed

A couple of weeks ago I posted about work Coasties had been doing on the Rail Trail in the Esk Valley to make a footpath more suitable for wheelchair users, well this week we went back and completed the section that had been started earlier this summer, This week I was in charge of the measuring and marking out of the edge of the path, with two new helpers I worried that I might not get it as accurate as it had been a fortnight ago, but at the end it looked fine, as you can see below.
just the warning sign to remove
rolling the cinders to the final surface

Appropriately, as this was once the track of the original Esk Valley railway, we are using old cinders from the current railway, to surface the path, reuse before re-cycling. Amazingly there is hardly any rain, and when the sun comes out after lunch, by which time I am raking the cinders into place, it is actually hot.

By the bridge over the Murk Esk there are the remains of an art installation, sadly vandals have removed all the other slate roundels, the date on the bridge is only 11 years ago.                
can you see the carvings of  the old
industry in the valley?

the river in flow, see how brown
 it is after all the rain
Lots of walkers go past, including a school party; we explain what we are doing, it is rather noisy, but every one appreciates why the noise is necessary and that a path suitable for all users is a very good idea.
Later in the week I see the river mouth in Whitby, there is a brown plume out to sea as the river continues to sweep the peat from the moors out to sea.