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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Something everyday, it's like being back at work!

Sunday I was at the National Park's Mobile Display Unit at Saltergate., although it's the end of half term week the weather is very uncertain and we are not very busy. However it stays dry until we pack up, just in time, before the deluge. Earlier I had walked down into the Hole of Horcum and unfortunately met several of the kind of dog owners I met in Farndale, the illiterate ones. I also met some who clearly could read these signs on the gates and the boards.

I will say no more, colleagues at Coasties contributed to an article that one day I will write about 'Why MY Dog need not be on a lead'.

As I walk back I see some of the effects of Slow the flow,  this is a project to slow the flow of rain water off the hills and reduce the chance of flooding in towns like Pickering; these trees recently planted on the hillside are part of that project. It is a multiple benefit, as well as reducing flood risk it massively increases the tree cover and thereby the biodiversity on the moors.
Can you see the new trees, maybe just their support poles.

Monday is a flying visit to Leeds to see my asylum seeking friend, she has lots going on, but to say more would be to disclose too much at present. Then a talk to the York Justice and Peace group about the practical work I do with asylum seekers in Leeds. They are a lovely group of people, I have met some of them before when I helped my husband do a talk about his journey with a humanitarian convoy to Gaza. After my talk, a lot of chatting, and a cup of tea they give me a donation to LASSN,

Tuesday is an easy Short Stop day, two referrals, both from Pafras,; the case workers are in their office, so I can hear them easily, usually they are in the drop in, a church with a stone floor and lots of music being played! Both guests are placed quickly and then, ironically after last week, several more hosts ring back to say that they too are free.

This bit yet to do, but after lunch..
The Rail Trail is a disused railway track in the Esk Valley, it is being promoted by the National Park as being wheelchair and pushchair friendly, so Coasties must make it so. It needs to be cleared to two metres so that cinder can be laid and people who are less active can enjoy the Park too.
We did this bit by lunch

There is lots of joking as the three of us who measure and mark the areas to be cleared are accused of variously wobbling about and making it wider and wider, as you can see neither is true! We do have to make sure though that there is a 'layby' at the bench, so a slight deviation from dead straight is necessary! The sun, mostly, shines and we have a lovely day; not for the first time I realise how lucky I am. Sunshine, lovely scenery, good company, keeping fit, and a mileage (very small) allowance. I even feel that I have done something very useful. If only my friend in Leeds could get leave to stay.