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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

No small society, theatre and family beckon. Back in July

I feel a bit bereft today as I haven't gone to Coasties, but it's way up north, on a section of the Cleveland Way,, out of the National Park and we have theatre tickets in Scarborough for this evening, the timings are just wrong. It's a shame, as Coasties have all just been sent an email from a very satisfied walker about the Cleveland Way. However, as I've posted before, this is what volunteers do, something else beckons and off we go.

Next week is similiar, I have rented a beach hut in Scarborough, the family are coming; and, even if the weather is rather uncertain, in the best family tradition we shall make the most of it. My small society will have to fend for itself, back in July.

Imagine though if an essential public service was dependent on me! I've been there and done that when I worked full time.