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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

what is my small society?

My small society is an attempt to show what I do, as a volunteer, in the area that I live in. I will admit it is being written partly in response to the everchanging concept of THE BIG SOCIETY, I do not know what that is, does any one?
All I know is that it is easy for me to volunteer, I am retired, physically fit, fairly computer literate, have good public transport links and my bus pass, a car and enough spare money to pay for petrol before I am reimbursed. I am sure I could volunteer without any or all of these things, but I know I would find it much harder.
I also know that my main volunteering, on the North Yorkshire Moors and with a charity helping asylum seekers can only happen because both those very different organisations have paid staff and provide me with training (free) and back up when I need it.
So the moral of the first lesson is that volunteers need paid people behind them.