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Thursday, 26 May 2011

my friend in Leeds

A year ago LASSN asked me to befriend a lady in Leeds, I see her about once in 3 weeks and we chat on the phone in between, she has a busy life now at college and her church, but I think I am different, easier than college anyway! Things were not always like that, we have had some difficult times. Now though we laugh over the antics of my grandsons and I admonish her for not having breakfast. One of the things I most admire her for is the way she and her friends find 'stuff' that has been thrown out, clean it and repair and then use; a bag for her books, 2 chairs in her flat and her friend has a microwave, all found within walking distance of their homes. Today I admire a new hair style and I bring her up to date on my grandsons and when I will be seeing them next.