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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

my small society gives up for a few weeks

So, first of all I went away, walking in the Auvergne in southern France. It was very hard work, lots of hills, too many cows and then a lot of rain. Much of it was enjoyable and fun, and the scenery was stunning, and the food, but................. I returned with a rather sore knee and very tired legs. So no Coasties and then I cancelled my Voluntary Ranger patrol, being sensible for once!

I felt a bit guilty, but decided that actually my small society would have to manage without me, none of us is indispensable! This morning I was back for a while, it was Short Stop . Just one referral, from Solace,, a couple from Eritrea, I managed to place them with the first people I rang. I have met these hosts, so chatting to one of them on the phone was very easy. The rest of the day was very quiet, I hope it meant that on-one needed a bed for the night, it has suddenly got very cold.

Now I am off again, visiting family in the West Country.

I have a busy few days though when I get back. Monday is a presentation to the National Park Authority about the role of volunteers in maintaining and improving the Cleveland Way,
North York Moors National Park Authority. One of the staff has made me a Power Point presentation, so all I have to do is press a button and introduce the pictures. I hope it goes alright, the role of the volunteers is incredibly important to the Cleveland Way and I want the members of the authority to appreciate what we do, especially those volunteers who do far more than me and are much more skilled than I am. Tuesday will be Short Stop again and then a meeting of our local Fairtrade group. We have to plan for our annual two day pre Christmas shop in early November and start to think about renewing our town Fairtrade status. Wednesday will be Coasties before I am on granny duties again. As soon as I return I am talking to a local group about Fairtrade.

So the next blog will be into October, when hopefully my small society will be well back on its feet again and I can report on how all these activities went!