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Sunday, 31 March 2013

we install a bench and much more

off to the alum works

Back from holiday to all the usual stuff, but the high light of the week was Wednesday. The new section of the Cleveland Way,,  that Coasties has been working on since last summer, is officially opened; a ribbon is cut and a bottle of fizzy popped. Several people were walking along it even while all the photos were being taken.

After the celebrations some of us dig two large holes and install the bench that I and my husband were given to celebrate our 65th birthdays. Much admiration for the quality of the bench (thank you to the National Park and the idea of a bench before one dies!
nearly there
when you sit down....
photo Zoe of the National Trust
 A bitterly cold day, with an easterly wind, but a lot to celebrate.

Thanks also to the National Trust for helping with the siting,           

Tuesday had been a fairly quiet Short Stop day, Just two people to place, but unusually both of them women. After a lot of voicemails I find not two, but three kind people, so I kept one in reserve, just in case. Luckily the just in case didn't happen. It was going to be a bitterly cold night so I was glad that I had found warm beds for two desperate people.

Thursday I visited my friend in Leeds. She is still waiting to get a date for her move (I discover later in the week that she now has a date, in the middle of April - watch this space). We go over her paper work, it is becoming a larger and larger pile. I discover with some amusement that the new permission to stay cards give her baby the right to work as well as her, is this the way ahead?!

Finally yesterday I was at the Farndale MDU (mobile display unit), the National Park's information unit about the Farndale daffodils. However this year it should be renamed the snow drop and ice walk, rather than the daffodil walk. The famous wild daffodils haven't even turned their heads over yet, I think it will be at least two weeks before any yellow is seen. Meanwhile here are the showdrops and an unusual ice formation.