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Sunday, 20 May 2012

I'm back to a Fairtrade stall

Got back last night after a real variety of trains, a very old local Italian train, with opening windows, then the amazing 300kph Italian HS train, so steady I hardly realised I was moving. The French TGV, the Eurostar and finally my local and friendly Trans Pennine. Today straight back into a Fairtrade stall in a local church as part of our local Food Festival, we made some sales, but I fear that the visitors to this Food Festival have little interest in Fairtrade.Some seem to feel we are in competition with local suppliers; hardly, as I haven't seen much chocolate, coffee or tea being grown round here. Never mind, nationally sales of Fairtrade goods are well up on previous years. On the French TGV the mini choc bar with my coffee was Fairtrade.

I catch up on emails, particularly about new hosts for Short Stop which I am coordinating on Tuesday, after several Tuesdays away or not available, much seems to have changed in just a few weeks.

I also check up on where Coasties is to be on Wednesday; hooray it looks as though it will be on the Cleveland Way.

There is also to be a new system of posting blogs onto the North York Moors volunteers' section of the website, I hope others bloggers will post too, it would be nice to see other points of view.

Had a good chat with a colleague on the Fairtrade stall about the apparent demise of the 'Big Society', neither of us regret this as we agree that it was a throw back to Lady Bountiful, and that it is time that people realised that volunteers need the back up of full time and paid staff if our work is to be really useful.

More blogging on Thursday after a couple of busy days.