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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

everyone housed on a cold wet day, some Fairtrade stuff too

The weather is miserable, cold and wet, so it is with great relief that all five Short Stop referrals are found somewhere for the night. One poor man had spent last night on the streets, the very day he had heard that he could stay in this country for the next three years, not a pleasant way to celebrate. Tonight he is in the home town of the Comic Relief bear, Pudsey. Someone else offered a room for three nights, the guest had stayed before and they knew how sad and desperate he was. Thank you to all our wonderful hosts. They are recruited and trained, as I am by LASSN, The referrals today are from PAFRAS, and the local Red Cross,

As usual I try to multi task. A Fairtrade colleague and I are organising things for Fairtrade fortnight; she does the design of a schools' leaflet, emails it to me to print off, put into envelopes and then post out to local schools. I get the printing done and the envelopes; now as soon as the packs arrive from the Fairtrade Foundation I can post them off. We are also planning a local Fairtrade Quiz trail, the emails and designs whiz to and fro over the ether as she produces leaflets and I comment back. None of this could be done without the internet; I am largely self taught, how I wish I had paid more attention when I was still working and had the opportunity to learn more!

I check the weather forecast for Coasties tomorrow, hurrah it promises dry and even maybe some sun. Wednesdays are often better than the rest of the week, the sun does indeed shine on the righteous. Ravenscar here I come.